Neografia's history since year 1869

Neografia's history since year 1869

The history of NEOGRAFIA reaches one and half century to the past, being full of events not less rich as those of the entire European region.  145 years of our activity took place in a time of changing political systems, economic rules and property relations, generations of people, diverse technologies, dozens of machinery and equipment, thousands of spare parts, millions of tons of used paper. 

The only thing that did not changed during these long years is the book - the carrier of ideas and image enchanted into paper. 

The book accompanied us in our rich history similarly as a man throughout his whole life. From the first fairy tales and poems which our parents read us as we were children, through the school years of obtaining education, up to the experiences of adulthood to old age.

In this life cycle we are somewhere in adulthood with all its colourful experiences. As a large company with a long tradition and a strong position in the European market we manage the challenges of today’s modern period with success, and we have a clear goal. Through continuous innovations and investments we are ready for what the future will bring us and are looking in this direction with hope and perspective. 


In Turčiansky Svätý Martin (after 1951 only Martin) the bookprinting and publishing house KÚS – Kníhtlačiarsky účastinársky spolok is founded.  
KÚS in services of culture and nation has printed 731book titles for key state institutions and 378 volumes of magazines of total edition of tens of millions pieces – national newspapers, literary, public and educational, humorist and science magazines.

1869 - 1918
The association KÚS was oriented on book printing for more Slovak publishing houses.  The most for nation-wide Slovak cultural institution “Matica slovenská”. 
Writer Jozef Cíger Hronský, a chairman of Matica slovenská starts to build a multilateral cultural combine in a form of own new printing works connected with publishing of books and magazines, a modern distribution service also with broadcast. 

The project is named ”Neografia” suitable to its up-to-date plan, but also to the inclination of its author Jozef Cincik to the antique tradition.   The name also correspondents with professional term for that time the state-of-the-art reproduction technology.

Neografia from the beginning already had the most modern machinery fleet in then Slovakia, which was almost equal with top printers in Europe.
Matica Slovenská officially opens an independent company NEOGRAFIA, the joint stock company in Turčiansky Svätý Martin, which – according to licensed deed – dealt in print of money and means of payment, security papers, establishment of bookprinting companies, printing works and all others belonging to the graphical industry. 

Company logo is tied with historical sign of Pilsen earliest printer, a Slovak Mikuláš Bakalár Štetina, where on three hills 3 blades, which incident the features of excellent printers, are growing  honesty, consistency and tenderness.  

Neografia employs 246 people this time.   Neografia has printed for own publishing house and for Matica slovenská 126 titles in impression of 502,658 books.  
Neografia finances the Slovak National Uprising immediately after its declaration.

Period of the World War II. – there was a danger of deportation of machines from the printing works, therefore the employees disassembled the machines in secret and walled them up in the cellars, a thus these were protected and after war they could fulfil their mission. 
Neografia printed the first Slovak full-colour picture publication – “High Tatras” by Bečvář 

Kníhtlačiarsky účastinársky spolok (KÚS) employing 150 people associated with Neografia (330 employees) and other polygraphic plants around Central Slovakia.   

 Name “Neografia” was changed to “Severoslovenské tlačiarne” 
Beginning of book export abroad 
Name “Severoslovenské tlačiarne” changes to “Tlačiarne Slovenského národného povstania, n.p. Martin”. 
Optimization of printing and bookbinding production centres, the entire production process under one roof.

The first stage of the vastest reconstruction of machinery stock started; the production capacity mainly in the offset and gravure printing increased by 50%, which became a basis for more complicated picture publications. 

By the decision of the Ministry of Industry SSR, the Martin printing works became an independent state enterprise under the name Tlačiarne SNP with its residence in Martin.
Finishing of gravure printing, 680,000 of hardcovers a month.

Neografia returned to its original statute of limited company and also to the original owner – Matica slovenská.
Award of Production Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2000

Installation of new transmission technology of print documents CTF (Computer to Film).  Creation of digital satellite data transfer between headquarter in Martin and branch office in Prague. 
Start up of modern 32-page web offset machine Lithoman, that time the biggest web offset machine in Slovakia.  The start of production of magazines and installation of packaging machines. 

Neografia exceeded the realization limit of 1 milliard SKK
Installation of new data transmission technology of print documents CTP (Computer to Plate). Creation of digital satellite data transmission between the headquarter in Martin and branch office in Bratislava. 
Modernisation of technological equipment – installation of other 4 sheet offset printing machines Heidelberg, 2 web-fed offset printing machines Lithoman and Heidelberg and new binding machines Kolbus. 

Neografia exceeded the realization limit of 2 milliard SKK. 
Award of environmental certificate FSC®

Further modernization of technology equipment – sheet offset machine Man Roland and Heidelberg. 

2008 - 2010
Renewal of the Quality Management System Certificate according to ISO 9001:2008 and award of Environmental Management System Certificate according to ISO 14001:2004 by the company Lloyds Register Quality Assurance
Investments of more than 20 mil. EUR to new technology equipment in the field of printing, bookbinding processing and to new production buildings.

Foundation stone of the building in the new plant. 

Opening of new building of Neografia with total area of more than 17,000 m2, the purchase of sheet offset machine Heidelberg of B0 format. 

  • more than 15 countries, where we supply our books and magazines,
  • 90 mil. of stitched products annually
  • 31 mil. products bonded annually
  • 6 mil. of products with hardcover annually 
  • Annual sales more than 53 mil. EUR 
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