Magazines Catalogues

Magazines Catalogues

exkluzívna povrchová úprava
Since 1990 the printing of high-impressing full-colour magazines, catalogues with first-class paper for core and rich offer of cover processing became an important part of our production. 
We have a modern machine stock of high quality printing machines for sheet offset and web-fed offset printing, bookbinding machine lines and machines for final processing. We offer a wide range of additional services – various types of packaging, inserting, gluing, addressing, etc.  
We produce 119 mil. pieces of bindings V1 and V1 annually, of which 56.9 % we export abroad.


Magazines that we produce, are divided preferably according to the genre and the target group, which are addressed to, e.g.:
  • social, cookery-books
  • motor sport
  • popular and educational
  • for children, etc. 
According to these criteria and the total impression, we optimize the technical specification, as well as the selection of the best suitable technological equipment for their production.


Catalogues are the printed matters, which are used by companies as e.g.:
  • travel agencies
  • business and production companies
  • vendors of advertising articles, etc.
Catalogue presenting the factory products, has often a function of its main tool of sale.  Thus, the high rate of success depends also on total execution of catalogue production and therefore its quality is of the highest priority for us. 


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