NEOGRAFIA produces the consumers’ packages for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, textile and consumer industry.   We produce the paper boxes, small boxes, folders and other consumer packages (packets for medicaments, tea, cosmetics, products of daily consumption). 

We produce the packages of board and corrugated cardboard.

We ensure the whole procedure of package production, we make a draft and cutting tools for packages and testing samples. 

We comply with the requirements of SVP, given by the Ministry of Health SR and the strict standards of pharmaceutical business and food industry. 
  • Properties of packaging made of paper board:
Paper board is used in the sphere of consumer packages not only thanks to an option of innovative and original designs of folding and shaping, but also for its smooth surface, which ensures a quality and rich impress, and the strength, which provides an appropriate protection of product to be packed.

For production we use the folder board:
  • printed to 500g/m3
  • non-printed to 1,450g/m
As well as the folder board with the barrier layer and the blister base. 

Surface treatment:
  • full-area or spot varnishing with disperse varnish, UV varnish or drip-off effect
  • embossing and gilding up to format 480 x 650mm
  • perforation
  • holes for hanging – Euro slot punch
  • cut-outs and PE windows
  • embossing of Braille  
  • cutting material (paper, cardboard, board) up to thickness 1.5 mm and microwave board up to thickness 3 mm
  • the maximum format of unfold folder 640 x 680 mm
Finishing treatment:
  • boxes glued or in unfold condition
  • pasting of PE windows   
  • gluing:  one-point up to three-points 

Types of packaging produced: 


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