Web-Fed Offset

Web-Fed Offset

The web-fed offset rotation print is the print technology suitable for middle up to high quantity orders.

The web-fed offset print, in view of its utility options and total spreading, is the most used technology.
This way of printing we use for all types of printing products.

The rotation web-fed offset print is the printing technology, where the print points are transferred from the aluminium plate through rubber cylinder onto paper. This process is based on repulsion of water and smear – the oilphylous and hydrophilous spots. High-quality rubber cylinder surface enables the print of details in high resolution. 

The rotation web-fed print is a printing of paper from roller. The resulting product from rotation web-fed printing machine is a component variable folded according to requirements.

Web-fed print enables :
  We print on these machines:
  We print on machines:
  Negligible is also a wide range of additional services that we add to the production of the magazine (various forms of packages into foils, personalization, inserting of other materials, direct delivery to the distribution company, or realisation of address distribution to the selected addresses).

Technical options in the rotation web-fed print:

  Standard Specific possibilities
Material newspaper: 45g, SC - 56g, LWC - 60g, 70g, 80g,
NP 70-135g
various avialable paper sorts suitable for given technology according to requirement from 35 - 135 gr.,
specific paper Satin, SCA, MWC....
Final folded format A4, A5 in specific cases the standard format can be slightly modified
Range for A5 - 16, 32, 48.../per 16 pages/
for A4 - 2,4,8,12,16,24,32... /further per 8 pages/
for A5 - 8, 24, 40.../and other specific range/
for A4 - 6,10, 20, 28.../and other specific range/
Colourity CMYK (4+4)  
Bookbinding processing folding from A3 do A4, from A4 to A5 vertically,
gluing and cutting in the machine with volume of 8, 12, 16, 24 pages
folding from A3 to A4 and from A4 to A5 horizontally,
gluing in the machine at format A4 with volume 6,10, 20,24, 32, 40, 48 pages vertically

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