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Info center

Preparation and sending of data

Information how to prepare data for print correctly can be seen here:

Requirements for digital data processing
for offset print

Data can be sent through our two systems securing the safety and quick transfer: 
FTP server:
InSite portal: 

All questions concerning:
  • data preparation,
  • data sending,
  • access to servers FTP and InSite for new users, should be directed to:


Files to download

General terms and conditions

Regulations treating the governing the relations between contractor and customers for deliveries of printed products, materials, goods or services to our company, are shown here:


How can you find us

Address data, information how to get to our company and all important contact are shown in section  CONTACT



Sučianska 39A
038 61 Martin-Priekopa
Tel:   +421 43 420 12 41
Fax:   +421 43 421 17 04
IČO:   31 597 912
IČ DPH:   SK2020433217


Board of Directors:   
Chairman: Mgr. Stanislav Muntág
Vice-chairman: Mgr. Maroš Smolec 
Members: Ing. Peter Budiský 
  Bc. Marek Nemec
  Mgr. Marek Hanuska
Supervisory Board: JUDr. Marián Gešper
  Alena Švabčíková
  JUDr. Štefan Martinkovič

Production equipment

Do you need more info?

Contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions! 

     Tel: +421 43 420 12 41

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